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Thailand is an extraordinary destination and one of the most popular places in Asia. At first glance Bangkok, the country's capital, may seem to be a modern Asian mega-city but it is also home to the Grand Palace and Wat Arun. There are skyscrapers, neon signs and modernity all around but as with Thailand as a whole, a traditional way of life still remains and can be found beneath the surface. Most of the population are practicing Theravada Buddhists, and saffron-robed monks can be seen all

over the country. Thailand has a very well established tourist industry and is striving to maintain sustainable economic growth. The country is well set up for visitors, with a wide range of accommodation. There are some great trekking opportunities here, as well as a number of watersports on offer and many people visit the Thai islands to secure a diving qualification. From lounging on the sand to marvelling at the ruins of Sukhothai, you will be hard pressed not to enjoy a trip to this variedand captivating country and we can advise you on the best vacation destinations in Thailand.

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