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Vietnam is a long, thin country with a coastline that stretches from the South China Sea to the Gulf of Tonkin, and it borders China to the North and Laos and Cambodia to the West. A popular tourist destination, Vietnam has a growing economy, and facilities and infrastructure are being improved at great pace. The country is recognized as an ecotourism destination but also offers much to those visitors more interested in its culture and traditions or its history. Many will be familiar with the

Vietnam War, a battle between North and South, which ended in 1975. A number of sites related to the war can be found around the country, including China Beach near Danang which was once used by US soldiers for R&R (rest and relaxation). An ethnically diverse country, 54 ethnic groups have been recognized in Vietnam with Kinh or ethnic Vietnamese making up the majority of the population. Most of the minority groups live in the North or the Central Highlands and have very distinct customs,language and dress. Whether sailing beneath the limestone pinnacles of Halong Bay or trekking the green slopes of Sapa, a trip to Vietnam will be an unforgettable experience.

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Chào, I’m Manh Duc, your local agent in Vietnam. I run a company that facilitates tours to less-trodden areas of the country. Rural Vietnam is my forte. I was born in a remote village where I gained extensive insights into Vietnamese history and culture that I can now share with travelers.

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